Lead Paint Abatement


The process to correct the violations on the property is rather straightforward. First, two layers of 6 mil poly will be put down in all areas where work will be done. Then, all areas that do not have any work being done will be blocked off with vertical containment to minimize any potential lead contamination.

In the work area, and while the work is being done, a HEPA negative air machine will be running. This will further help lower the risk of lead contamination in other areas of the property.

When beginning to correct the violations, the workers will have a full suit on, with a full respirator. They will scrape all the loose violations until they are made fully intact, and then they will seal the area to help prevent any further lead from becoming loose. Any area’s that are a friction hazard, or an accessible/mouth-able violation, will be abated in it’s entirety, meaning all the lead paint will be removed.

After the violations are corrected, the whole property must be thoroughly cleaned, multiple times, from top to bottom. We will use a fully sealed HEPA vacuum, approved by the EPA for abatement work, and a high phosphate cleaner to clean any residual lead dust.

Once the cleaning is done, the inspector will come back and visually verify that the work was done per state regulations. After the visual inspection, the inspector will then take several dust wipe samples in random spots throughout the house. These wipes are then sent to a laboratory to be analyzed for dangerous levels of lead. 

Once the wipes come back safe, the process is over. If the wipes fail, it becomes our responsibility to pay for any subsequent re-inspections, and we will clean the property all over again, until the wipes pass.

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